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5 essential elements on How to effectively run Sprint reviews and plannings

Sprint review and planning sessions are essential on successful Agile projects. These meetings let  the whole team to assess all tasks performed over the past few weeks. Some project teams make them highly effective and enjoyable, on the path to motivate team to follow through easily. Others on the contrary happen to fall on complexity side; sessions break out too long and focus leans towards detailed analysis.

Speed up you local virtual development on Mac os X

This has been a tough question for me for a long time. As I move from one project to another I am quite keen to keep development environments separate. So, you probably imagined the easiest solution for that - Virtualbox. It is fairly easy to build a virtual machine. You have tools like Vagrant which enables you to launch boxes out of a single script file. But when it comes to access file system on the freshly built virtual environment then we get ...


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