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ECRM and System integration

Ecrm and System integration

360-degree view of sales opportunities, superior customer interactions and more effective marketing campaigns. These are the results you can expect when your ECRM is fine-tuned and integrated to fit your specific business requirements.


Question yourself with these;

  • What are my customers doing on the site?
  • What emails should I send out, when?
  • How I relate my calldesk to my website?
  • How do I automate customer support?

If you ever asked one of the above, we are here to assit!


Our team guarantees a smooth and seamless ECRM integration with web facing front end technologies. Our services provide CRM integration with Drupal and PHP frameworks, nodeJs and MEAN stack, Python and Django stack.

Here is the list of CRM and asset management systems our specialist are working with;

If you wish to find our more about system integration services we provide or you want to know if your ECRM is on our list, give us a shout.