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How to stop Logging on Apache Tomcat6 solr server to catalina out

You might agree that Apache Solr is a great search alternative for your web/drupal/php project. It has various implementations, but I am going to focus on one of them Apache Tomcat. It is rather simple to install due to the fact being available in all major linux distributive repositories, but it can be tricky in configuration and daily monitoring. The issues comes to a fact that by default Tomcat logs all search queries to daily logs and a file called catalina.out. Daily files are ...

In array play around PHP

About 2 months ago working on a small PHP back-end adjustment project I came across very funny discovery; Although developing in PHP for years I was always relying in php's in_array function, but, suddenly it returned false results using a simple string value check in array despite the fact that actual string was there ....


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