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Drupal Camp North 2015 overview

Drupal Camp North 2015 at Sunderland

Drupal Camp North short visit review.

Interesting talks and tips;

Perhaps I got there late on Saturday 25th of July, so I did not really got the talks on that day.
Sunday was more interesting with few good eye catching ones;

  1. UX powerups for your Drupal site by Vicky Teinaki. Perhaps most comprehensive UX talk on all DrupalCamps I've been to. A lots of great tips and ideas
    1. According the average reader's age is 9 years. Meaning that all content should be delivered like for an 9 year old adult.
    2. - very nice UX patterns.
    3. - good space to check out creative ideas for HTML email templates.
    4. - Tone patterns before you start writing to mailchimp, but applies for any other similar system
    5. - great way to test your text copy weather it delivers and conveys your message and content correctly.
    6. Prototyping tools - an overview and comparison over prototyping tools.
    7. User Onboard - great tips to turn your users in adapting new products!!! Indeed one of my favorite picks.
    8. Human Factors - Few good UX whitepapers
  2. Ansible and Install Profiles by Jeni Tehan
    Ansible install profiles Really great talk on Drupal deployment automation with Ansible ... Indeed worth checking out for the business.

Quite a short post on the highlights over Drupal Camp North as my late arrival let me enjoy only Sunday - second day of the event

Obviously last but no least my personal talk Drupal for big data - is it ready?