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How to set up a great remote team at No Pants festival

No Pants fest Antwerp 2015

Remote working is great, who does not enjoy it. Getting all work done not leaving your home desk. That all sounds great, but;

  • What if you are required to set up a team?
  • What if you realise you need an assistance on your project?

So you need to find more guys, lead and delegate them. It has been told that "Internet accepts everything", how to find and devise a good team and find a right people? Do I need to find the best in the market or I just need the ones who do great work. How to trust people you've never met before, how to believe that information they provide about themselves is legitimate? These and many other questions I faced on getting ready for my talk at NoPants Festival early this year.

Luckily I wasn't alone and definitely not the first one challenged by the same issues and problems. As I looked at the wast open source software development community it turned out that businesses successfully managing remote teams face same issues every day. On one end it looked as an alarming truth but from the other a real opportunity!!!

At the end it gave me a great inspiration for my talk. Slides are based on a compilation of 4 interviews and personal experiences managing remote and distributed teams, giving an opportunity to share industry patterns and best practices.

Credit for all these interviews goes to people from Wunderkraut, Axelerant and Betishdesign. Obviously not forgetting us - Passivemanagement