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Working as CTO - choosing a partners - Part 1 - technology literature

Working as CTO in open source web technology agency is always interesting. Some say it could be challenging and even frustrating, whilst others choose to take it easy, hence concur with interesting and adventurous part! As, it comes to me, I've tried all sides of it!

You may wander weather this post is about CTO and it's challenges, well yes true either. This will actually be about choosing right partners and keeping up to date with emerging patterns in technology world.

So how to do that, being on top of latest if discoveries if your main task isn't actually coding any more. At some point you may loose this link to your coding skills as your day to day tasks may be moving towards leadership. Also as it appears there will be another important task for you as a CTO - decision making. You will get project inquiries from companies CEO or whatever person responsible for sales and you will have to decide which technology to use. If you are a Drupal Shop that's easy, you always will have default version. But if you utilize more than one technology, that's then becomes a tricky task.

At these decision making moments you need something much more reliable than blogs. Well yeah, bloggers will offer you a myriad of choices, but at some stages it won't be enough. So you need a technology writer - a partner that provides more extended example base and slightly technically sophisticated reading, but quite concise at the same time. Something which you can then pass on to developers for them to explore.

Over the years of experience I've chosen PacktPub a Birmingham based publisher. So a few reasons why I think they are the best to hit the mark of decision helper and technology publisher;

  • Books are easy to read and concise.
  • Cookbook series are comprised of ready to apply examples from real life applications.
  • Lots of bulk purchase and promotion campaigns, like current 5$ campaign one. Saving money really matters for a startup!
  • E-books in most popular formats. So you can easy read them on Iphone.
  • Online library - you can kind-of a rent books. On of feature, again very good for exploring.
  • Literature is up to date - covers most of emerging technologies.

To manage your expectations - they are technology writer, not a university, with much wider spectrum of topics than journals.

If you are dazzled enough go ahead and check out their latest Packt 5 Dollar campaign and see if it really interests you!