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Conference talk - How to set up a great team?

How to set up a great team, this question has dazzled and annoyed me for a long time. Where to find an inspiration, from current industry you work in or look outside the "Box"?

For past 10 years I've been involved in teamwork extensively. I managed to be in charge of forming them out of scratch, taken part of some very inspirational team work examples, experienced many failures of not being able to form a good team and also helped others to lead and form teams. I went through the stages of bitter experience and times of great victories and acknowledgements.

There were times when I though that it is far better to take my own path not trusting anyone outside. Wow, I must admit at the end that was bit arrogant! However these thoughts did not harbour my mind for too long.

Late Summer this year I submitted a talk to FLOSSK conference which was accepted. Talk titled with the same headline - "How to set up a great team?". My main emphasis was to move away from traditional way of talking about team work in software development, hence taking examples from other industries. After much contemplation I decided to follow the way of sports, as that, perhaps, was the most neutral way.

Below I am sharing my presentation.

I am really glad that conference in Kosovo - Prishtina was the first edition of this talk. I owe so much this country and city as 5 years ago I came down for the same conference not knowing anything about software development at all. Back in 2009 I was so inspired that it led me to complete carrier change!

If you enjoyed the presentation slides of my "setting up a great team" talk and would like that one to be included it your conference agenda, do not hesitate to get in in touch. Just put the team work presentation in the subject line!