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Why to give talks?

Working as a web developer I've always been curios on the subject- why to give talks, why on earth somebody wants to listen to a developer. A guy who probably spends most of his day at staring at - "what ever" colour screen.

Yes, sure you would rarely think of that person as a public speaker, but let me remind you;

  1. Sergey Brin andLarry Page once were Lab rats
  2. Mark Cukerberg a vile ago was just a programmer

I started this list with some pretty posh figures, but that's because of putting correct emphasis!.

So, whilst being involved with people form Wunderkraut I spotted the same problem. As this organisation does not have a sophisticated management team most of their staff are developers - technical gurus in their field. I quite early recognised the problem, only few could take courage to submit talk proposals. So to push team forward I gave them this small presentation.

Giving talks is crucial and important, it enhances your knowledge base, improves your skills and creativity. It also removes any fear that you might have on your abilities and dedication!